Better together,

At OXIRIS CHEMICALS we are committed to raw materials protection against oxidation. That is why we are constantly evolving and looking for innovative antioxidant solutions for all industrial sectors and applications: polymers, pharmaceutical, food, feed, lubricants, coating, leather, and fuels.

To achieve this, we seek strategic collaborations with other companies or institutions that share our same philosophy to develop new businesses and products.

Licensing and distribution opportunities

We also want to expand our international presence and therefore we seek alliances with partners to operate in new countries, either to market our products or to develop and/ or market launch our research and development projects.

Distribution is one of the most important ways to reach new customers and retain those with whom we already have an established relationship. We are always looking for new partners to work locally, regionally, or internationally.

Are you interesting in licensing?

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Contract services

We have fully operative pilot plant and production scale facilities for the development, and even manufacturing, of performance additives, ingredients, and other compounds, by contract.

Would you like to develop your product with us?