OXIRIS in Aquafeed Magazine

OXIRIS FEED BLENDS has recently collaborated with AQUAFEED Magazine, a recognized provider of industry-specific scientific, technical and business news and information in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the US.   With the publication Phenolic Antioxidants: The Science of Food Chemistry, Oxiris wants to share with readers some scientific concepts related to antioxidants such as the… Seguir leyendo OXIRIS in Aquafeed Magazine

How do antioxidants work?

The product lines designed by Oxiris such as the Ionol 175, Ionol Pet Food and Naturol are carefully developed mixtures with synthetic and natural antioxidants which are suitable for human and animal consumption.   These mixtures are formulated using sunflower oil as carrier which facilitates their incorporation in the feed and allows the antioxidants to… Seguir leyendo How do antioxidants work?

Safety Assessment of BHT in cosmetics

The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has realized a rigorous study related to potential endocrine disrupting properties of BHT. The conclusions have been published the last 27 of September 2021 in the Opinion on BHT. The SCCS consider BHT safe in cosmetics products in the following scenarios: → BHT is safe as an ingredient… Seguir leyendo Safety Assessment of BHT in cosmetics

The art of formulations: 5 keys to selecting the best botanical extract

The growing interest in food safety by consumers and the rigorous assessment of additives by European Food Safety Authority have led to the evaluation of more natural alternatives, such as botanic extracts, for incorporation into food formulations.   Undoubtedly, natural resources provide an arsenal of ingredients of great interest for animal food sector, but it… Seguir leyendo The art of formulations: 5 keys to selecting the best botanical extract

OXIRIS CHEMICALS and GRAND INVEST offer the maximum support to fishing industry in Peru

Oxiris Chemicals collaborates with its partner Grand Invest participating in the Webinar which congregated the most important companies of fishery sector of South America. Our contribution as technical advisers focused on the role played for phenolic antioxidants in the protection of fishery products.

Regulatory framework for feed antioxidants

Feed additives, such as antioxidants, are products used in animal nutrition to achieve an effect on the feed itself, on the animals, on food products obtained from the animals consuming the feed additive or on the environment.   Oxiris uses only additives authorized by European Legislation.   “Feed additives may not be put on the… Seguir leyendo Regulatory framework for feed antioxidants

OXIRIS Feed Blends published into Spanish animal nutrition magazine

OXIRIS has recently published all the feed blends product brochure into NUTRINEWS magazine, a Spanish and well-known animal nutrition magazine, meeting point of nutritionists, veterinarians, and other experts in animal nutrition from the main compound feed and main ingredients manufacturers. The publication includes all the feed products summarised into an ANTIOXIDANT TABLE format which provide… Seguir leyendo OXIRIS Feed Blends published into Spanish animal nutrition magazine

¿Are you sure to be using the antioxidants properly?

Oxiris Chemicals provides to all costumers support for the antioxidant dosage step and all factors related to this elementary but relevant action to preserve the quality of your products.

Oxiris chemicals Launches Naturol™ for animal compound feed preservation

Naturol™ is a new brand of antioxidants based on natural tocopherol extracts which the aim to be an alternative and efficient solution for manufacturers who looks for a high-performance antioxidant and natural based additive.