Oxiris with Fedequim. The commitment to the chemical sector

Oxiris Chemicals, as part of chemical sector and producer of antioxidants, had the pleasure of participating in the last General Assembly of the Catalan Chemical Sector Business Federation (Fedequim), which brings together both companies and associations linked to the chemical sector.   In this last assembly, the first Foreign Trade Report of the Catalan Chemical… Seguir leyendo Oxiris with Fedequim. The commitment to the chemical sector


The phenolic antioxidant 2,6-di-tert-butyl-p-cresol, more commonly known as butylated hydroxytoluene or BHT, was patented in 1947 and approved as a food additive and preservative in 1954.   Oxiris Chemicals has been a producer of BHT for more than 50 years. Since then, the Oxiris team has focused on improving the industrial process, enhancing quality, adjusting… Seguir leyendo BHT, EXTENDING PRODUCTS LIFE

PRODUCT SCALING. A cost or an investment?

Any idea is good on paper. Turning it into reality is often another thing.   In the specific case of chemical reactions, the idea on paper can be only made real in a laboratory. In this environment, new products are produced mainly in flasks or small reactors. Once you have empirical evidence that the reaction… Seguir leyendo PRODUCT SCALING. A cost or an investment?

Animal nutrition. Why should antioxidants be used?

There are certain feed ingredients which, due to their chemical nature, are susceptible to oxidative degradation.   Oxidation of these substances has undesirable consequences on feed quality such as:   · Ingredients degradation; · Loss of caloric content in the raw material; · Presence of toxic substances, which affect animal health and welfare; · Loss… Seguir leyendo Animal nutrition. Why should antioxidants be used?

Preventing rancidity

Nobody likes to consume rancid products, characterized by peculiar and often unpleasant odors and flavors that indicate a loss of freshness.   The prevention of rancidity is one of the headaches for a large number of professionals for not meeting specifications and facing dissatisfaction from other sectors. It is also responsible for significant economic losses,… Seguir leyendo Preventing rancidity

World Heart Day 2022

Oxiris Chemicals also wants to give visibility to World Heart Day for several reasons.   – According to WHO data, heart disease (heart attacks and strokes) claims more than 17 million lives a year, making it the second leading cause of death after road traffic accidents.   – With public places and workplaces being the… Seguir leyendo World Heart Day 2022

Awards COASHIQ 2021

As every year, COASHIQ, business association of the chemical and related sectors, has awarded the companies without Lost Time Accidents during the development of their activity in 2021.   We would like to thank COASHIQ for this recognition, as well as the Oxiris team and all the people who have collaborated for their effort and… Seguir leyendo Awards COASHIQ 2021

Oxiris Chemicals SA in “FEIQUE Safety Awards”

For the tenth consecutive year, the Spanish Chemical Business Federation (FEIQUE) has awarded the FEIQUE Safety Awards in recognition of the efforts made by chemical companies to preserve the safety and health of people.   Oxiris Chemicals, proud to be part of FEIQUE, also thanks all the people who have contributed directly and indirectly to… Seguir leyendo Oxiris Chemicals SA in “FEIQUE Safety Awards”

OXIRIS in Aquafeed Magazine

OXIRIS FEED BLENDS has recently collaborated with AQUAFEED magazine, a well-known company that provides industry-specific scientific, technical and commercial news and information in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States.   With the publication Phenolic Antioxidants: The Science of Food Chemistry, Oxiris wants to share with readers some scientific concepts related to antioxidants such… Seguir leyendo OXIRIS in Aquafeed Magazine

How do antioxidants work?

The product lines designed by Oxiris such as the Ionol 175, Ionol Pet Food and Naturol are carefully developed mixtures with synthetic and natural antioxidants which are suitable for human and animal consumption.   These mixtures are formulated using sunflower oil as carrier which facilitates their incorporation in the feed and allows the antioxidants to… Seguir leyendo How do antioxidants work?